MSR built 2.5L

  • Closed decked block
  • Ported heads with 1mm oversized valves
  • 14mm Headstuds
  • Mishimoto Dual Row X Line Radiator
  • Kelford 272 AVCS Camshafts


  • Blouch Dominator 2.5 XTR 10cm turbocharger @ 29psi
  • Process West Top Mounted Intercooler
  • Perrin Silicone Inlet Pipe
  • Process West 3″ Cold Air Intake


  • PSR Unequal Length Headers
  • Invidia Q300 Cat Back Exhaust System
  • Invidia Dump Pipe


  • 360kW At The Wheels


  • 1177Nm


  • Standard ECU tuned by MSR


  • Standard DCCD STI 6 Speed

Other Modifications:

  • Tuned on E85
  • TGV Delete Kit
  • Walbro 450lPh Fuel Pump
  • 1300cc ID Injectors
  • GFB Blow Off Valve
  • Process West Oil Cooler
  • Custom Intercool Sprayer Mod

What made you decide to modify your car?

Decided to modify it as i wanted to have a stand out 2015+ WRX STI that was well known in the community and had enough power to be a weapon on the street, and hold its own at track days and drag racing at eastern creek. Also to surprise people as the car still has a classic Subaru exterior and is a fairly new car, it is commonly underestimated.

Whats the next stage with your car?

The next stage is to upgrade rotors and brakes, play around with the handling like anti lift kits and sway bars and strut bracing. Exterior modifications I am happy with apart from perhaps an ARP spoiler and splitter kit.

Do you attend any track days or other racing events? If so how have you done?

No track days however best time at eastern creek drags was 11.3 @ 129 MPH

Whats your favourite part about the car?

my favourite part about the car is it has the modern Subaru look, gold and blue, most things are custom from the brake colour and decals to the personalised “SO NICE” plates. Its not a stanced out Subaru, its not stock, its well rounded with a lot of power and no lag basically with the current set up. Its new and refined and has power to boot i love it

What would be your advice for people getting wanting to modify their Subaru?

My advice for people to start modifying is to start with the basics, exhaust , intake and tune. Learn the car and enjoy the classic boxer engine noise. If your going into the build motor game then setting aside funds to do it once and properly is the way to go. Pick a power you want and overbuild the block, go for reliability and do not skip out on things that help it run cool and efficiently. This includes things like oil coolers to water spray to e85 and sensors ( AFR/Boost/coolant/oil temp ). Ask yourself lastly, street car set up, drags or track , find a turbo and power range you would like and go for it.

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