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Do you rebuild engines to factory specifications or can I upgrade my engine specs?

I can rebuild an engine to exact factory specifications or build a completely custom engine to suit your needs.

Should I build a 2.0L or 2.5L engine? Won't I lose revs if I go with a 2.5L?

Depending on your requirements, whether it is for street or competition use, I can build a high-revving 2.0L or 2.5L for you. 2.5L offers much better off-boost drivability. It also allows the same turbocharger you were running on your 2.0L to spool up almost 1000rpm earlier. Top end power remains the same between the two.

What is the general turn around time for an engine being built?

General turn around time is 7-14 business days. In the event that there may be any delays, you will be notified immediately.

How long should I run in my brand new engine and what is the best way?

I recommend running in your brand new engine for at least 1000km. Do not exceed 3500rpm and avoid high boost driving. Do not cruise at the same speed for extended periods of time. Use higher gears to keep the engine speed down and "load up" the engine by using more throttle and change your driving speed regularly during the run in period. Your brand new engine will be set to run wastegate boost pressure (7psi) so you do not need to worry about overboosting.

Will running an aftermarket blow-off valve cause any damage to my engine?

Generally, no. It will only cause your engine to run rich during gear changes. This is because the ECU is adding extra fuel to compensate for the excess pressure that is meant to be plumbed back into the engine but instead it is being vented to the atmosphere. This is the reason why your rear bumper gets dirty very quickly as unburnt fuel is coming out of your exhaust. However, if you run a blow-off valve on an engine that is not tuned for it for an extremely long period of time, you may run the risk of glazing the bores in your engine due to the constant overfuelling. The cure to fixing glazed bores is to rebuild your engine.

Do you only work with Subarus?

Yes. I offer services for all Subaru makes and models.

Do you offer general servicing such as fluid changes, spark plug changes, brake and clutch service?

Yes, I can service your Subaru and check the entire car to let you know if anything else needs attention.

Do you do any electrical work like installing gauges or sound systems?

No. You will need to contact an auto electrician.

Do you rebuild gearboxes or diffs?

Yes, I do rebuild gearboxes and diffs. We have full in-house rebuilding service.

Can you help me perform a conversion to my car? i.e. 6-speed conversion, Brembo conversion, etc.

Yes, I can install the conversion for you provided that all the part(s) required are supplied and in full working order. If the part(s) are used, I will double check the condition and let you know whether or not they are OK to be used and if all the necessary parts have been supplied.

Can you provide e-Safety Check reports or blueslips?

No, you will need to visit an e-Safety Check station or an authorised workshop to provide you with blueslips.

Can you unlock or tune ECUTEK?

Yes, from 06 onwards we can unlock and tune ECUTEK.

Can you retune an ECU that has been locked by another workshop?

Yes, I can usually reset the ECU and retune it from scratch. In the event that I cannot reset the ECU, I will let you know.

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