MSR built 2.6L Stroker

  • Closed decked block
  • Custom 14mm Headstuds
  • Gas Rings
  • CNC Heads
  • Process West TGV Delete Kit
  • Kelford Camshafts


  • Blouch 3.0 XTR 10cm turbocharger @ 25psi
  • Process West Top Mounted Intercooler


  • Custom MSR Built Exhaust


  • 300kW @ 4000RPM
  • 380kW @ 7000RPM


  • 1280Nm At The Wheels


  • Standard ECU tuned by MSR
  • Flex Sensor


  • Standard STI 6 Speed with Cusco LSD

Other Modifications:

  • TSS Fab Chrome Molly Cross Member
  • MCA Reds Series Coilovers
  • ABW Body kit

What made you decide to modify your car?

The need to go fast, to be the quickest in my class.

Whats the next stage with your car?

Roll cage, Process West V-Mount Intercooler, Different Spring Rates, and More Aerodynamics.

Do you attend any track days or other racing events? If so how have you done?

I attend NSW WRX Club Days with the 07 STI Track Car. I Have managed to get Fastest Subaru NSW @ wakefield with a time of 1:01.0

Whats your favourite part about the car?

My Favourite part of this car would have to be the grip and corner speed you can carry.

What would be your advice for people getting wanting to modify their Subaru?

My best advice would be to start off with basic power modifications and focus on handling and brakes as well. Then i would move on in stages from there.

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