MSR built 2.5L

  • Closed decked block
  • Forged Internals
  • 14mm Headstuds
  • Ported heads with 1mm oversized valves
  • Kelford AVCS Camshafts
  • Mishimoto Dual Row Radiator


  • Blouch 3.0 XTR turbocharger @ 30psi
  • Process West Top Mounted Intercooler
  • AVO Silicone Inlet Pipe
  • Process West Cold Air Intake


  • PSR Ported Headers
  • Invidia Dump Pipe
  • Invidia Q300 Cat Back Exhaust System


  • 399.6kW At The Wheels


  • 1134.1.2Nm


  • Standard ECU tuned by MSR
  • Carberry E-Flex Sensor with Launch Control, Flt Shift and AntI Lag


  • Stock Subaru STI 6 Speed, 3600lbs Jim Berry Clutch

Other Modifications:

  • Radium Surge Tank
  • 3x Walbro 460 Fuel Pumps
  • 1300cc ID Injectors
  • GFB Blow Off Valve
  • Process West Oil Cooler
  • Peirburg 3 Port Boost Solenoid

What made you decide to modify your car?

Its something I love doing and have a passion for, putting my own taste on it and making it my own.

Whats the next stage with your car?

Next stages would be, to see how much more power I can safely get out of it.

Do you attend any track days or other racing events? If so how have you done?

I haven’t attended any track days, I have attended a fair few Powercruise events and drags events, best drag time at this stage is a 11.2 with almost bold street tyres, looking to get that down to a 10 second pass.

Whats your favourite part about the car?

Appearance wise would have to be the theme, along with all the carbon bits. Perfomance wise would be the take off, which is incredible, and also the handling, the grip that this car has amazes me.

What would be your advice for people getting wanting to modify their Subaru?

Plan everything out first, talk to people that have done it before and get the most information you can – know the end result you want.

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