MSR built 2.5L

  • Closed decked block
  • Forged Internals
  • ARP Headstuds


  • Blouch 1.5 XTR turbocharger @ 20psi
  • Process West Verticooler
  • ProSpeed Racing Silicone Inlet Pipe
  • Process West Cold Air Intake


  • PSR Unequal Length Headers
  • Invidia Dump Pipe
  • Invidia G5 Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System


  • 311kW / E85
  • 282kW / 98RON


  • 923Nm / E85
  • 797Nm / 98RON


  • Standard ECU tuned by MSR
  • Flex Sensor


  • Stock Subaru STI 6 Speed

Other Modifications:

  • Deatschwerks DW300 Fuel Pump
  • ID 1000cc Injectors
  • Cusco Street Zero Coilovers
  • Front & Rear Whiteline Swaybars
  • HEL Braided Brake Lines

What made you decide to modify your car?

At first I wanted to keep the car stock, but after doing a track day with Subaru I knew I needed more. Started with just some basic suspension and brake upgrades and as every car person knows it never just stops there.

Whats the next stage with your car?

The car is my daily so the only other mods on the list is a new radiator and oil cooler.

Do you attend any track days or other racing events? If so how have you done?

I have done a few track days which is what led to the rebuild. Unfortunately every track day I have done the car has never had the right tune or gear in it. The best I could manage around Wakefield was a 1.11. Looking forward to getting it back out there after the radiator and oil cooler.

Whats your favourite part about the car?

The overall look of my car, WR Blue with the gold rims is a classic combo.

What would be your advice for people getting wanting to modify their Subaru?

If its what you love and enjoy do it. Just make sure you have the right gear going in first time round.

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